Garcia Bridge Engineers, P.A.

Garcia Bridge Engineers (GBE), P. A. has been providing construction and specialty engineering services since its formation in July, 2004. We recently completed the design of an elevated segmental concrete rail line for Metrorail in Metrorrey, Mexico. This 7 kilometer extension of an existing line won the 2008 PCI Design Award for Best Non-Highway Bridge.

Much of our recent work has been in analysis, design, and construction in our home state of Florida. We were commissioned to design two pedestrian bridges for Tallahassee’s Blueprint 2000 Cascade Parks Project (Tallahassee, FL). In addition, we were selected to design another pedestrian bridge over an existing CSX railroad line for the Lafayette Trails Park in Tallahassee. We completed a Districtwide District 2 project for the Hart Bridge over the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our consulting experience includes CE&I Bridge Inspection as part of the current I-10 widening project in Tallahassee, as well as fatigue analysis review for the Big John Monahan Bridge (SR 710/St. Lucie Canal). We are currently providing specialty engineering services for Archer Western on the Doctor’s Inlet construction in Jacksonville, Florida.

Through our consulting, design and analysis of bridges and infrastructure, we create innovative structures and ensure the safety and longetivity of existing structures. At Garcia Bridge Engineers, we’re designing bridges that will take us into the future safely.